Hello everyone,
also this week a new project is borned. We thought a way to use the solar energy to cook.
Well, but how?
For answer this question we design a tool that can be really useful for everyone of us. naturally, this, can’t be the best oven that you tryied but can be really useful if you are in a beach and you need an hotter dish of Pasta. It’s not designed for cook but for heat up.
We thought about common materials, infact this will need an aluminum paper, really common in houses for keep fresh food. Then you will need just a piece of plexiglass that you need to work with drilling machine. At the end, you need also PLA for make the most important things.
Naturally i’m giving you all info for realize it, follow the PDF called “A1” step by step and you made it for easy.
Download all pdfs and stl attached
Hope you will enjoy and hope you will have an nice pick nik on beach.

PUSH THIS LINK FOR DOWNLOAD IT: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3678606

Contact: info@eidos3d.it
designer: design@eidos3d.it
marketing: marketing@eidos3d.it



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