Hello everyone, 

also this week a new project is born.
This week we design a new amplifier that use resonance effect.
For this reason your mobile phone will have a bigger sound and you can use it everywhere.
This amplifier is designed for iphone 7 but if your phone is smaller then 70mm and thinkness 8 mm you can use it.
The sound will touch the hexagonal walls and will be concentrate to the center. From that point an amplifier will take the sound out.
For assembly info print the pdf files and follow all points.
From this link (https://mega.nz/#F!KqQAmC7S!Pl5XerqZiVw78ER30doBBg) you can download .stl .pdf and also some pics of this project

Enjoy this nice amplifier and hear nice music!

For collaboration: marketing@eidos3d.it 
For technical info: design@eidos3d.it
For get files by email: delivery@eidos3d.it writing EIDOS-AA013F

Visit our instagram page @eidos3d and have a look to all the things that we made and we are going to make.

You think, we made!



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