Also this week a new project is out.
Thanks to this reel we want to create a new way of distribution of filaments.
We create a reel that can be reused infinite times and you can upload the new filament easily.
If many of us start to use this kind of reel, we hope that some factories should prefer to sell the only filament without the reel. Usually the reel that is provided with your filament is really dangerous for the environment. Another problem is that it is heavy and it becomes a problem for the shipping. Another reason why factories should sell just filament without reel is that prices should be less expensive.
For all these reasons we design a reel that can be made completely by 3d printers, this is designed in order to solve the upload problems and motion problems.
The lever is removable, in fact you should use it just when you need to upload the new filament and not when you have to print.
Follow the instruction in the pdf file for the assembly and print all stl files attached in this thing. 

download link:!r65zkKjZ!CI1NaYo1np23DVsXZbEKTA

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