Hello everyone,
also this week we are giving you a new project.
This is a pipe bending machine. Now, thanks to this tool you’ll be able to make bending to pipes from 0 to 1″.
This project is made by 3d printing things, laser cutter things and you will need also a bearing (SKF COD: 51104).
Follow all the PDF files that you will find and you’ll be able to made it. Look the assembly PDF: there you can find all info about assembly and also about which kind of operations you have to do. I’m giving you also .dwg files for laser cutter machine and STL files for 3d printings.
Now, more then ever, make a bending won’t be that hard thanks to this machine. 

Download pushing here: https://mega.nz/#F!XrozzAiT!_vNR27kV3TIi36cOSCjyZA

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