How many times you were excited to see a 3d printer working, and how many times did you ask yourself: “Wow, it’s amazing but it’s too difficult for me.”

Well guys, today we will see how easy is the programation of a 3d printer. 

Many years ago, 3d printers was something that just some rich nerds was able to use. 

Now, like every kind of technology, 3d printer interface become really common and easy to understand. In this page I don’t want to talk about 3d design, this part should look a bit complicated for entry level, but I would like to talk about 3d printers use. 

When you buy a 3d  printer, many time, you ask yourself how to assembly. This is the first step that you see and you need to jump. This part should look a bit complicated for some of you, but if you have a screwdriver YOU CAN DO IT. 

Online you will find many videos and course to do it. 

Here the link of the most common 3d printers:

1)        ender 3 pro:

2)        anet a8 plus:

3)        anet a8:

( for other videos just write the name of the printer and then use the word “assembly” )

After you assembled your 3d printer, you need to calibrate it. Remember that you don’t need to calibrate it on every 3d print but just when you have some problems with the print. 

Your question, now will be. How can I calibrate it? 

The calibration is easy, what you need is just a sheet. Then my advertise is to watch this video 

( Video is in Italian but you just need to see the imagines)

What can I do after that I calibrated it? 

After that you calibrate your plate you need to find a 3d model online and then using a slicer make a gcode file. Should be difficult but it isn’t.

How to find files? 

Online there are many websites that give free cad. The most common is for sure Thingiverse ( this website has a big community, there are people from every part of the world that lunch their projects and make it easy to use. Pro: many projects online. Vs: Many of them are not printable and the quality is not good at all.

A second website that I advertise you is myminifactory ( this community is really good if you’re searching some specific project. The good thing is that what you download is printable. This company will not lunch a project before that someone test it. 

A 3th website that I can advertise you is our website (, it has a zone where you can download things for free. On the home you need to push the menu called things, down the decription of the project there is a link for direct download. It’s easy and we are working for the quality. 

On our website that the voice contact, if you have a project and you are not able to design it you can text use, talk about your project and we can find a solution together. 

What to do after that I download the cad file ?

Now, it’s time to use your slicer.

What is a slicer? 

It is a software that will cut the thing in little sizes, these are called layer. Then, layer after layer you will create the thing with your 3d printer.  There are many software but the most common is the open source CURA.

What to do after that I downloaded the software? 

You need to upload the thing, after that you uploaded it, you need to use the parameter (nozzle temperature, speed etc.) at the end you just need to lunch the gcode file, upload on your micro SD and lunch the print. 

NB. This should look really complicated but after that you do it for the first time, you will be able to lunch the print in less then 5 min



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