Hello everyone,

also this week a new project is out. This week we are thinking to solve some production problems with an useful grinding machine.

Thanks to this tool, now, you can sharpen your pencils using sandpaper or you can give better quality to your 3d printed things touching the sandpaper.

This machine is studied to be built with simple production steps. 

  1. You need to print all the things that you find attached with the right quantity (you will see it in the attached pdf file).
  2. Have a look the pdf files to make the assembly in the right way.
  3. Use an engine to give torque power to the thing.

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Have an direct download pushing here:https://mega.nz/#F!vq5WCK4Y!AS0Yqubjk3ZsncnCdLCS1w

For collaboration: marketing@eidos3d.it     

For technical info: design@eidos3d.it

For get files by email: delivery@eidos3d.it writing EIDOS-AA012F

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You think, we made!



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