Also this week we are publishing a new project.
This is just one of the components that we are planning to design for this well sold 3d printer. Thanks to this box you can keep your 3d printer tools in an organizer. You will know that every single tool is inside that one and you will not spend time to find it.
This is just the first of the ender 3 accessories that we are planning to design. At the end, your 3d printer will be more beautiful and using our logo you will be part of our big community of 3d printers lovers

What is the difference between this box and other box designed online?

This box is designed to save space. We didn’t design it with a drawer because this component will take important space that you can use differently.

How can i download it?

You can download it using this link:
Or if you have any problem write this code EIDOS-AA016F to this email



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